Name: Andrew Jackson

Party: Democratic

Term Served: 1829–1837

Birth State: S.C

Born: 3/15/1767

Died: 6/8/1845

Religion: Presbyterian

Elected Age: 61

Age At Death: 78

Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), despite the fact that he was born in poverty, had become a well off Tennessee legal counselor and rising youthful government official by 1812, when war broke out between the United States and Britain. His authority in that contention earned Jackson national popularity as a military legend, and he would turn into America’s generally powerful and polarizing–political figure during the 1820s and 1830s.

After barely losing to John Quincy Adams in the petulant 1824 presidential political race, Jackson returned four years after the fact to win recovery, sufficiently crushing Adams and turning into the country’s seventh president (1829-1837). As America’s political party framework provided, Jackson turned into the pioneer of the new Democratic Party.

A supporter of states’ privileges and subjugation’s expansion into the new western domains, he contradicted the Whig Party and Congress on polarizing issues, for example, the Bank of the United States (however Andrew Jackson’s face is on the twenty-dollar note). For certain, his heritage is discolored by his job in the constrained migration of Native American clans living east of the Mississippi.