Name: James Madison

Party: Democratic-Republican

Term Served: 1809–1817

Birth State: Va

Born: 3/16/1751

Died: 6/28/1836

Religion: Episcopalian

Elected Age: 57

Age At Death: 85
James Madison was the fourth president of the United States, serving between 1809 to 1817. He had a critical role in establishing the American political atmosphere, as he had a major part in writing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and The Federalist Papers.

Madison began his career during the American Revolutionary War, and he became increasingly involved in the fight for independence. His involvement didn’t end after the war was over, as he remained in the political environment, perfecting the laws and regulations of the country.

His political experience culminated in 1808 when, despite strong opposition by George Clinton, Madison won the presidential nomination. He was inaugurated in 1809, and succeeded in also winning the 1812 election against Dewitt Clinton.

In 1817, Madison retired to Virginia. Despite his retirement, he still had a minor role in public affairs but declined to take part in major public debates. James Madison died in 1836 and is buried in Montpelier, Virginia.