Name: John Adams

Party: Federalist

Term Served: 1797–1801

Birth State: Mass

Born: 10/30/1735

Died: 7/4/1826

Religion: Unitarian

Elected Age: 61

Age At Death: 90
John Adams was born to John Adam Sr. and Susana Boylston on October 30, 1735. Attended Harvard College in 1751 and graduated with an A.B degree in 1755. John Adams was admitted to the bar after completing his masters in 1758. Served in Congress and helped in the planning of the declaration of independence.


During the Stamp Act in 1765, John Adams was acknowledged for his opposition that led him to write letters to the British parliament, Represented the British soldiers on trial for the Boston Massacre. In 1774 during the First Continental Congress, John Adams was elected among five others to represent the Colony. He appointed George Washington as the commander-in-chief of Virginia.

John Adams was among the diplomats that negotiate the treaty of Paris. In 1789 he was placed on the ballot for the presidential election. Unfortunately, he lost to George Washington and hence became the first vice president.


He became the second president of the United States on March 4, 1797. Tension arose as British and France were at war, which he was unable to control, making him less noteworthy in the Country. He accorded pardon to the men involved in the Fries rebellion after being told to disapprove of the appeal from the men. He is called the father of the American Navy after signing the act of relief for the sick and disabled seamen.

He lost his re-election to Jefferson in 1800. Many buildings are in his honor around the world. He died on July 4, 1826. John Adams was married to Abigail Smith. They had six children together.