Name: John Quincy Adams

Party: Democratic-Republican

Term Served: 1825–1829

Birth State: Mass

Born: 7/11/1767

Died: 2/23/1848

Religion: Unitarian

Elected Age: 57

Age At Death: 80

John Quincy Adams started his political vocation as the U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands in 1794, and filled in as ambassador to Prussia during the presidential organization of his dad, the impressive loyalist John Adams. In the wake of serving in the Massachusetts State Senate and the U.S. Senate, the more youthful Adams rejoined conciliatory assistance under President James Madison, assisting with arranging the Treaty of Ghent (1814), which finished the War of 1812.

As secretary of state under James Monroe, Adams assumed a key job in deciding the president’s international strategy, including the celebrated Monroe Doctrine. John Quincy Adams proceeded to win the presidency in a profoundly argumentative political decision in 1824, and served just one term. Candid in his restriction to bondage and on the side of the right to speak freely of discourse, Adams was chosen for the House of Representatives in 1830; he would serve until his passing in 1848.