Name: Millard Fillmore

Party: Whig

Term Served: 1850–1853

Birth State: N.Y

Born: 1/7/1800

Died: 3/8/1874

Religion: Unitarian

Elected Age: 50

Age At Death: 74

Born in New York State, Millard Fillmore (1800-1874) was a lawyer who won the political race to the U.S. House of Representatives without a precedent in 1833. He served four terms in Congress yet left in 1843 to mount a fruitless run for the governorship of New York.

In 1848, he was the Whig Party candidate for VP under Zachary Taylor, and after Taylor’s triumph he presided over a long period of early discussion in Congress over the controversial Compromise of 1850. Taylor passed on in mid-1850 and Fillmore became his successor, emerging as the country’s thirteenth president (1850-1853).

In spite of the fact that Fillmore didn’t support slavery, he considered the Compromise as an important step to protecting the Union and authorized its solid Fugitive Slave Act during his administration. This position estranged Fillmore from voters in the North, and in 1852 he couldn’t obtain nomination from the Whig.