Name: Thomas Jefferson

Party: Democratic-Republican

Term Served: 1801–1809

Birth State: Va

Born: 4/13/1743

Died: 7/4/1826

Religion: Deist

Elected Age: 57

Age At Death: 83

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States was born on the 13nth April 1743 Shadwell in the Colony of Virginia. This is just outside the current Charlottesville. He was the third child in a family of ten. His parents were Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph

This man who is often referred to as the greatest intellect of his time began learning Greek, Latin, and French at the age of 9. Under the instruction of Maury, he learnt science, literature, and philosophy. He later enrolled at the College of William and Mary. He also did his study under a law professor George.

During the start of the American Revolutionary War, Thomas was among the youngest delegates to the congress at the age of 33. In 1775 Jefferson chose his words in an intellectual manner to come up with the Declaration of Independence. Thomas helped in finalizing the state constitution during his tenure as an elected member of the Virginia house of delegates representing Albemarle county in September 1776.

On 17nt February 1801, he was declared president-elect with Burr as his vice president under the Republican. He was later sworn in on March 4, 1801, at Washington, D.C. His good work saw his renomination for the presidency by the republicans and he won with George Clinton as his running mate. He later retired from office in March 1809.