Name: William Henry Harrison

Party: Whig

Term Served: 1841

Birth State: Va

Born: 2/9/1773

Died: 4/4/1841

Religion: Episcopalian

Elected Age: 68

Age At Death: 68

William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), America’s ninth president, served only one month in office before biting the dust of pneumonia. His residency, from March 4, 1841, to April 4, 1841, is the briefest of any U.S. president. Harrison, who was naturally introduced to an unmistakable Virginia family, joined the Army as a youngster and battled American Indians on the U.S. wilderness.

He at that point turned into the principal congressional agent from the Northwest Territory, an area enveloping a great part of the present-day Midwest. In the mid 1800s, Harrison filled in as legislative head of the Indiana Territory and attempted to open American Indian grounds to white pioneers. He turned into a war legend in the wake of battling Indian powers at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. Harrison proceeded to fill in as a U.S. congressman and congressperson from Ohio.

He was chosen for the White House in 1840, yet spent away a month after his introduction, the first U.S. president to bite the dust in office.